The gubloos Preamble

Dear Customer,

I am sure you will agree with us that, today we live in a very unsafe environment.

Open a newspaper and most of the articles you will read are about violence, rape, kidnapping, road rage, etc. Once in a while (& now becoming too often) we become aware of heinous crimes against women like the Nirbhaya incident. The streets are no longer safe to walk on alone, let alone at night. If you have a teenage daughter you are always worried the next time she walks out of the house. You are an anxious parent till the time your children come back from school. It’s unfortunate times that we live in today. Fear & anxiety are always top of the mind.

Society as a whole has to change to make our cities a better place. 

As a hopeful citizen of India we feel the change will happen someday. It may take many years, through Education, societal evolution and cultural change. Till then we must do what we can to protect our loved ones. To build a safe environment for them.

The gubloos personal GPS Tracker is our first attempt towards this.

As Parents of young children we wanted a device that we would give to our kids so that we would know where they are at all times. If their school van was late coming from school, we would know if they are stuck in jam. In crowded places we would have the comfort of knowing we can locate them anywhere, just in case. Our children would be able to contact and speak with us in case necessary. 

For Woman professionals we wanted them to feel safe and be empowered. To enable them to send an SoS to friends & family in times of emergency with just a single click. With this device they would no longer be dependent on the Cabs emergency button working or not, or your Mobile App being user friendly enough. Friends & family could track their route & location with a simple SMS. The device would even act as a backup to their mobile phones.

It doesn’t stop there. 

This device has some unique features like the Fall Detection Sensor. Its a wonderful personal device for our grandparents and elderly people who are either using walking sticks for support or are prone to falls. For those suffering from Alzheimers or Dementia, the device can be a safety boon. With this device help is just a button push away.

Lastly, but not the least, for all Pet lovers, this device gives you the same security and peace of mind as you desire for your children. We understand the sentiment :)

We hope you like the product and that it provides you with Peace of Mind, knowing you have taken one more step in keeping your loved ones safe.

Thank you.


Team gubloos