Troubleshooting / Common Issues faced / Tips & Tricks

Here are some of the ones we came across during our testing or from customer commments and their feedback. Hope these will help you resolve an issue you may be facing or find a quick fix.

Starting your Device

Here is the recommended way to Switching On your device. A proper start-up can save you from common issues.

To setup the device, here are the inital commands that you need to send as SMS to the Tracker device.


SIM Card should be a Micro SIM with SMS + Talk-time + 2G Data Plan. Even with a 3G SIM Card, activate 2G speeds.

Ensure the SIM is Active before inserting, half the battle is lost here otherwise.

For Pre-paid connections, please ensure there is enough balance for SMS, Talk-time and 2G Data for GPRS connectivity.

Here is how to insert the SIM correctly into the gubloos Personal GPS Tracker:


Confirm GPRS is connected - the Green LED will double flash rapidly every 3 sec. The device will now be able to send data to & from the Mobile App / Web Platform.

Confirm GPS is working and has a Satellite fix - the Blue LED will single flash rapidly every 3 sec. It implies the Device now is able to ping its Location from the Global Satellites

One common issue is that the GPS location is not showing in the Mobile App / Web Platform. The reason most of the times is 'No GPRS connectivity’ due to lack of balance in pre-paid connections :) Other times the device just hasn’t got a GPS fix. Once it does it will start appearing in the Map screen.

Another common issue is that on pressing the SOS button the SMS shows only "No GPS Info". The reason is that the device has not got a GPS fix and hence is not sending the location along with the Google Map link. 

The Time-to-First-Fix of GPS can be expedited by Switching on the device  under Open Sky and waiting for 30-40 seconds for the fix to happen.

Switch On Assisted GPS (AGPS1 command) to expedite the Time-to-First-Fix

The device can be also be tracked using GSM base station towers, if a GPS signal is not available for example in room, in the basement, parking garages, etc. For this activate the Cellular Locator (CL1 command). However, as compared to GPS satellite, GSM is not very accurate.

Using the GPS Signal Lost & Recovery Alert (GR1 command) automatically sends the last available GPS information (of 10 minutes earlier) to the preset numbers when it enters into the area without GPS signal. In an emergency, this can be a critical feature to locate the device.


For extending Battery life keep the device in Power Save Mode (PS1 command). It’s prudent to switch off the device at night in case its not being used.

In Deep Sleep mode (DS1 command) both GSM and GPS chip will be Off to save power, and will only get activated by motion sensor. Once it is activated by motion, it will run for 15 minutes and sleep again if no motion detected. With this feature you can extend the battery life upto 10 days. Good for Vehicles & Cats :)

A Geo Fence (Safe Zone) set on the device using SMS is a Circle zone and a Geo Fence set via the Web Platform / Mobile App is a Polygon. You can set only 3 zones on the device using SMS, however you can set many more using the Web platform / Mobile App.

A GEO Fence should only be setup once the Device has got a GPS fix.

More Usage Guidelines

It is prudent to switch off the device very day for a few hours to flush its memory.

Charge the battery to 100% and then take it off the charger

Do not keep device, while in use, around Metallic objects or in closed compartments as they may interfere with signals and decrease performance.

After exiting a Metro Station or an Underground Pass,  or getting into a Vehicle, it is best to ensure that the device gets a GPS signal fix, before moving on. 

Though the device is Waterproof, the device should not remain submerged in water for more than 2-3 minutes. 

User Guides

  1. Getting Started (PDF 3.1 MB)
  2. Configuring the Device (PDF 4.6 MB)
  3. User Manual (updated 01.05.2015, PDF 1.1 MB)

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Mobile Apps

Download the X-GPS gubloos Monitoring App here. Look for this icon -