The gubloos GPS Monitoring Platform

An awesome device requires an awesome Platform to partner with, to provide the User with an awesome monitoring experience. Yes, we just used the word "awesome" 4 times :)

We heard our customers call !

You now have the option of an awesome GPS monitoring platform. Its a Paid subscription service, but its totally worth it ! 

The free Smart-tracking Platform ( ) is still available for all Users.

Free Smart-tracking Platform

Paid GPS Monitoring Platform





Free Web Platform

Historical Trip Play Trip History PDF Report

Geo Fence creation

Points of Interest creation

Manage Device Settings

3 months Data Storage

Real-time Tracking Consistent & reliable performance

Enhanced UI and Mobile App

New “Rules” settings for all device features

Setting of Schedules for Rules & Reports

More Features like On/Off Alerts, Shake Sensor, Tracker Status and Route Deviation

Customisation of Messages sent from the platform

Notifications via App

More Reporting capabilities

New Map feature Trips & Time Machine to view Historical Trips

Map Overlay with Geo Fence, Points Of Interest

Manage device Settings

Create User Heirarchy

Manage Fleets, People and Assets

200 SMS included per month, sent via the platform

3 months Data Storage

Unlimited Data Transfer to & from Platform

Monitor Via Web Platform

Our new paid Online Monitoring GPS Platform ( ) allows you to locate and track your device from anywhere in the world. You can track real-time positioning or view historical data. You can configure all the features via the platform and manage all your devices from one single interfac

Just go for it !

The free Smart-tracking Platform ( ) is still available for all Users. However, the device can be configured for only One of the Platforms at a time.

Monitor Via Mobile App (iOS & Android)

Our new Mobile App (X-GPS Monitor) gives you the power to manage and operate your devices just like the Web Platform. You can track real-time positioning, view historical data or get notifications via the A

The free Smart-tracking Platform on Mobile is available at . 

Monitor Via SMS

You can even configure and operate your device via SMS. Using simple SMS commands you can track, locate, turn on/off all features on the device. All device alerts are sent via SMS to the pre-designated phone numbers.

For Paid subscribers download the X-GPS gubloos Monitoring App here. Look for this icon - 

The gubloos GPS Tracker is easy to use and simple to manage.

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