Tracker App

No additional Physical device required to Track. Yes you heard it right !

If you are looking for an option to Track your Family members or your Employees without the hassle of using another physical device then this is the option for you. You don’t need to ask your employees and family members to carry a traditional GPS tracker in their pocket to know where they are. Instead you just install the X-GPS Tracker app on their mobile device and get started.

Download the X-GPS Tracker gubloos App here. Look for this icon -

You pay only a Annual Subscription charge for using this awesome Tracker App.


Monitor App

Wherever you go, be aware of what’s happening with X-GPS Monitor app. It gives you a completely new level of awareness and convenience. See where your Family members or your Employees are moving right now. Check every detail of their statuses and access . View the whole day at a glance with the tracks history. Get instant notifications on alerts you defined, highlight them on the map and react accordingly. And access all the vital information you need in seconds. Align your team and keep all your assets current from anywhere.

Download the X-GPS Monitor gubloos App here. Look for this icon -

The gubloos Tracker App is an awesome way of Tracking using your Phone or Tablet.