Gubloos FAQs

What is Gubloos ?

Gubloos is your faithful GPS Tracker device. Gubloos is the brand name under which we sell Personal GPS Tracker devices of our company Baxiboy Media Pvt. Ltd. Read our 'gubloos Preamble' to know more.

What does this GPS Tracker do ?

It’s a simple device that allows you to send an SoS to your loved ones in the case of an emergency. It sends an SMS for help with your GPS coordinates and even initiates a voice call to a pre-designated number. There are of course many more wonderful and unique features which enable you to build a safe environment for your loved ones.

How does GPS Work ?

The device has a GPS chip embedded that uses the Global Satellite network to ping its position (or GPS coordinates). It sends these coordinates via SMS to your phone or via GPRS (Data Internet) to the online platform for you to view. We use Google Maps to convert these Coordinates into a Map positioning.

Do I have to pay for the GPS service ?

No. The GPS service is free.

Do I have to pay for the Platform and Mobile App ?

Yes. We have launched a new GPS Monitoring Platform ( ) & Mobile App ( X-GPS Monitor ). It is a paid service. The new platform provides you with :

  • More consistent, reliable performance

  • More flexibility with Rules settingMore features like On/Off Alerts, Shake Sensor

  • Customisation of Messages sent from the platform

  • More Reporting capabilities

  • Features like Trips & Time Machine

  • Enhanced UI and Mobile APP

  • 200 SMS included per month, sent from the platform

  • 3 months Data Storage

  • 1 GB of Data Transfer to & from Platform

The OLDER Smart-tracking Platform ( ) is still a free service. It is a free shared server and hence we found it to be sometimes inconsistent & unreliable and with a delay in data.

Based on our customer feedback, we decided to switch over to the new paid platform for all Users. 

Will you give me the SIM card as well ?

No, not for Individual Users (Yes, for Corporate Users / Bulk Users). You can buy the SIM card & connection from your choice of Service Provider. You can buy a local SIM number (pre-paid or post-paid).

Procure a mobile connection (Micro SIM) from a local telecom service provider with a Plan covering Talk-time + SMS +2G. We recommend that you get this new mobile number listed in the "Do Not Disturb" Register with your service provider to avoid those pesky unwanted calls. Furthermore, do not disclose the number to anyone other than the necessary individuals.

How much will it cost me for the Mobile connection usage ?

As per our internal tests, we expect a monthly expense of Rs. 150 – 200/- for SMS, Voice & 2G GPRS data charges, for moderate usage.

Can I use any Service Provider ?

Yes. Gubloos works with all Telecom Service Providers. 

Will this work when I am outside my city or India ?

Yes. Technically the device will work anywhere in the world as long as there is GSM connectivity available there. Just like in your mobile phone, the connectivity, roaming & international charges may be applicable to a local SIM connection. Please check with your Cellular Service Provider for more information on the charges applicable outside the city or country.

How do I buy my gubloos device ?

Its simple. Just click on the “Buy Now” link and follow the process till payment. We will deliver the device via Courier to you. Please note you will require a SIM connection to start using the device.

Are there any additional / hidden charges ?

No. The cost of the device includes all Taxes. We do not levy any rentals or additional charges for GPS or its usage. It’s a one-time buy. Please note the SIM connection is not included with the device hence the charges for procuring and usage are additional.

What all colours do you have ?

Well, we have a charcoal Black, a lovely Blue, a bright Pink and a wonderful Green colour available.

What’s in the Box ?

The box will contain one device, one USB charging cable, one USB round pin adapter and one device pouch

What is the battery life of this device ?

As per our test usage the battery life is at least 4-5 days with moderate usage. If you switch it off in the night and when not in use you can prolong the battery life even further. The standby time for the battery is 420 hours.

Is it safe to use for kids ?

Yes. We have ensured the best & safest materials are used in the manufacture of this device. The device conforms to the Indian SAR (Specific Absorption Radiation) levels and the EU Directive on Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS).

I already have a Smartphone App, then why do I need another device?

We get this question a lot :)
We know there are many Mobile Apps available which try to provide the same functionality. However, our take is that most of these Apps are not user-friendly or usable at all, at the time of an emergency. Secondly, gubloos is made specifically for this purpose. All it takes is a simple click of the button to initiate an SoS signal. Third, the device brings in a level of redundancy to your safety by being a back-up cellular connection. We are confident that these reasons itself are enough to convince you to buy this device for your loved ones.

Here is a comparison table that shows a clear winner.

Do also read the gubloos Preamble.

Can I use this for my Vehicle Tracking ?

Yes. The GPS tracking features work for Vehicles as well. The online platform provides you real-time tracking of the device and hence the vehicle as well. Features like Over-speeding alert allow you to know when a driver is driving too fast. Its special Motion detection alert allows you to be alerted if your parked vehicle suddenly starts moving. There are many more features and data reports available for vehicle tracking.

Can I use this for my Pets ?

Yes. Gubloos works for Pets as well. Just attach it to their collar and track them wherever whenever. What’s more you can call the device and even start talking to your pet and hear him respond.
We are just not sure if they would press the SoS button every time they are hungry :)

How do I place a bulk order ?

Just contact us at and give us your requirement.

Is there any Warranty ?

Yes, we provide a 6 months warranty. In case a device is faulty when it is delivered, we will replace it.

Is there any after-sales service ?

We have made all attempts to provide a self-service model. However, in case you need any help or more information, just contact us at .

What if I need help with installation & configuration ?

Don’t worry, we have it covered. We have created these User Guides providing a step by step guide for you to follow.

  1. Getting Started (PDF 3.1 MB)
  2. Configuring the Device (PDF 4.6 MB)
  3. User Manual (updated 01.05.2015, PDF 1.1 MB)

Before you configure the device ensure that your SIM is activated and inserted into the device.

Where can I download the Mobile Apps from ?

Download the X-GPS gubloos Monitoring App here. Look for this icon -