SOS Signal

In an emergency, now send an SoS in just a single click to your family & friends for help. We understand the need for a quick reaction and this device is made for this specific function, to enable you to SoS for help, with the maximum of ease & convenience. A mobile phone or an App is many a times just not user-friendly enough to help you react quickly.

Real-time Position Tracking

The GPS Tracker provides you with real-time location of the device via simple Google Maps. A Perfect personal device to keep track of your Children when they are out of the house for their friend's birthday picnic. An essential device for a woman traveling alone at night to be able to share her location with friends and family. It's even great for Business to track and manage their Fleet while providing safety to their employees. Monitor the tracker using simple SMS, Web Platform or Mobile App.

2-way Voice Communication

Gubloos unlike most GPS tracking devices is capable of 2-way voice communication. In case of an emergency, it enables you to connect and talk with your loved one. A lot of parents struggle with the option of not giving a mobile phone to their children, but then losing out on the ability to contact them when they need to. We understand the perils of handing an expensive smartphone to a child :) This device is a boon for parents. Not only does it act as a safety device but it also allows them to call only your pre-set numbers. No more disturbances from unwanted Tele Marketing Calls and SMSs as the device blocks all other numbers, making it safe to carry in School Classrooms.

Over-speeding Alert

As a parent you will love this feature :) This unique feature allows you to set an alert for over-speeding. Now you can send your child in a school van or with your Driver and be at peace that they are not overspeeding and putting your child at risk.

Motion Alarm

The device has a motion sensor that alerts you when the device is moved or picked up. This gives you multiple security uses. Keep your Car, Motorcycle safe in the Parking and know if someone moes it. Keep the device in your briefcase and get an alert if it is picked up from your cabin room. I am sure our customers will find more innovative uses for this device. Let us know too :)

Safe Zones

Another awesome feature is the ability to create Safe Zones for your kids when you go out to Malls, to crowded areas, wide open Parks, or Exhibitions, etc. with them. Just create a Safe Zone around for the device from where you stand and you will get an alert if the child carrying the device exits that zone. Knowing you have this feature, will save you from those anxious moments.

Fall Detection Sensor

A simple fall can cause devastating consequences. Our Fall Detection Sensor detects a fall and within seconds sends an alert to the preset numbers. This can prove to be a life saver for Heart Patients, the elderly with walking supports, those prone to Vertigo or Epileptic attacks or just for the elderly family alone at home. This feature can get them immediate help by sending an SoS to their Care giver

Pet Tracker

Our Pets are family. We need to ensure their safety as much as we would for our children. Hook the device to their collar and keep track them whenever wherever. You could dial in to the device and talk to them from your Office and hear them respond. We, however dont expect them to press an SoS everytime they are hungry :)

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